Monday, 24 June 2013


Here's a true classic for a comeback!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ron Pual 2012

Although I don't like to admit it, the well being of the USA affects all of us around the world, and even tho I cannot cast a vote myself, I wish Americans will come to realize that which has been blatantly obvious to the rest of us for quite some time - this man speaks reason! If you can lead by example, maybe the rest of us will find the power to banish our own corrupt, demagogic, self serving excuses of a government and live in prosperity once more, or indeed for the first time.

Policing a degrading society can only end in imprisonment of all of us, establishing a pillar of morality by which we can better ourselves will lead to freedom and prosperity. Think about it, this may be our last chance.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Motivational of the Week Roundup!

Ok, so it's been a while but hey, what can you do...

I'm done with the MOTW gimmick, so here are the winners of all the 18 rounds that went by. 18 is such a nice number, three-half-dozens, I like it, it's a good number to quit at. Not quite round, but round enough.

So here goes, all one-and-a-half dozen motivationals voted best of the week by you guys:

Week 1: Ringo
I like this one because it's oh-so true.

Week 2: Bowling
Using sports equipment in a manner other than intended, always nice.

Week 3: Lego food
Worth all the lower intestinal effort it caused.

Week 4: Deception
Deceptively simple, pure genius.

Week 5: Motivation
Something all of us can relate to.

Week 6: Natural selection
Tampering with the laws of nature, playing god at it's funniest.

Week 7: Retards
This one's a bit... special.

Week 8: Water on mars
Beating NASA to it.

Week 9: Masturbation
Artificial adaptation to the joys of the internet.

Week 10: Balls of Steel
Tom Cruise would shit his pants...

Week 11: Procrastination

Week 12: Fuck it
You know the feeling.

Week 13: Opinions
And idiots get fat tickets.

Week 14: Iron Man
Seriously, this is my next Halloween costume!

Week 15: Bottled Water
When your alphabet is as fucked up as this you're bound to get something wrong.

Week 16: Photoshop
Sometimes it's just too easy.

Week 17: Not Giving a Fuck
A valuable life lesson.

Week 18: Economy
Some of us have it worse than others.

That's it for now, all the viewer top-rated motivationals, some motivational, some de-motivational, but all of them funny as hell.

Keep on truckin'!

Monday, 13 June 2011

I must go

Go my son, go to your people.

Motivational of the Week: Round #17

Another week another round

It seems that many enjoy the full benefits of NOT GIVING A FUCK, grabbing first with 6 votes.

Sheer bravery seems insufficient to at least 4 of you, who prefer INSANITY.

Third place is torn between the ever rising GAS PRICES and the ever sweet I LIKE YOU with 3 votes a pop.

Keep up the high moral, and enjoy this weeks de/motivation. And don't forget to +1 ;).

Sunday, 12 June 2011

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Monday, 6 June 2011

Motivational of the Week: Round #16

Lets get straight down to business.

Seems there are a lot of PHOTOSHOP freaks (counting 4 as a lot...) among us who get their kicks on screen rather than in a bar, if they only knew that after five beers all the ugly girls go home...

Next up, SNIPERS getting the support with 3 votes, I'm guessing that targets get progressively smaller with beer.

Now if this isn't IRONY, a three way tie for third place... SHIT GUYS, there's no way I can segue this into ENGINE SERVICING, or is there.

Enjoy another motivational week, and please don't hesitate to show some love to the +1 feature if you like what you see.

Thursday, 2 June 2011


I'm not quite sure if he's got balls of steel, or is he just that stupid.