Sunday, 24 July 2011

Motivational of the Week Roundup!

Ok, so it's been a while but hey, what can you do...

I'm done with the MOTW gimmick, so here are the winners of all the 18 rounds that went by. 18 is such a nice number, three-half-dozens, I like it, it's a good number to quit at. Not quite round, but round enough.

So here goes, all one-and-a-half dozen motivationals voted best of the week by you guys:

Week 1: Ringo
I like this one because it's oh-so true.

Week 2: Bowling
Using sports equipment in a manner other than intended, always nice.

Week 3: Lego food
Worth all the lower intestinal effort it caused.

Week 4: Deception
Deceptively simple, pure genius.

Week 5: Motivation
Something all of us can relate to.

Week 6: Natural selection
Tampering with the laws of nature, playing god at it's funniest.

Week 7: Retards
This one's a bit... special.

Week 8: Water on mars
Beating NASA to it.

Week 9: Masturbation
Artificial adaptation to the joys of the internet.

Week 10: Balls of Steel
Tom Cruise would shit his pants...

Week 11: Procrastination

Week 12: Fuck it
You know the feeling.

Week 13: Opinions
And idiots get fat tickets.

Week 14: Iron Man
Seriously, this is my next Halloween costume!

Week 15: Bottled Water
When your alphabet is as fucked up as this you're bound to get something wrong.

Week 16: Photoshop
Sometimes it's just too easy.

Week 17: Not Giving a Fuck
A valuable life lesson.

Week 18: Economy
Some of us have it worse than others.

That's it for now, all the viewer top-rated motivationals, some motivational, some de-motivational, but all of them funny as hell.

Keep on truckin'!